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Intelligent payment API suitable to the whole process.

Platform user
Enterprise employee

It can automatically pay funds to a client using your platform for commodity and service transactions.
It can integrate your supplier management system with the payment API for real-time payment.
By integrating the enterprise internal system and payment API, it can realize efficient international payment and salary payment.
Batch payment
Sep 25,2020 Unpaid1,394,280 CNY
Aug 9,2020 Completed42,173 AUD
Aug 4,2020 Completed54,280 USD
Apr 27,2020 Cancel 78,630 USD
Efficient international payment & powerful foreign exchange engine
Global coverage: It has direct assess into more than 900 local payment methods in more than 100 countries/regions and covers 60+ currencies.
Real-time preferential exchange rate: By obtaining competitive real-time foreign exchange rates easily, you can manage your foreign exchange transaction risks.
Energize automation and reduce labor cost
Batch payment: The API can realize comprehensive payment automation. One thousand transactions can be handled within several seconds. It is simple, rapid and secure.
Intelligent payment: Our intelligent route can help you find the current optimal payment route at any time and complete the payment.
Since founding, we pride ourselves in fund and system security.

Financial security
Supervision compliance
Data security

Monix is the first Chinese payment company to obtain a financial license in Australia. Our license number is 495025.
Monix complies with Australia’s highest level of capital regulatory requirements
Monix’s core systems meet ASIC requirements, and adheres to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures.
Omipay is certified by PCI DSS, which is the highest level of security in the payment services industry and at the same level of security of local banks.
Fully-integrated cross-border payment package
We integrate everything for the requirements of the website and app to receive payments and send them around the world.
Global Account APIManage local accounts with over 60 currencies.Learn moreGlobal collection APIReceive payments from global clients, with rapid and flexible transactions.Learn moreInternational payment APIProvide cost-effective international and local payments with Monix’s 900+ global payment networks.Learn moreForeign exchange APIObtain FX prices, build a workflow and manage risks.Learn more
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API document
Monix' database can provide languages ranging from Java to .Net.
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