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Who we are?
Monix, multi-currency cross-border wallet, directly connected to 8000+ banks, 30+ wallets and 130,000+ money withdrawal spots, we can make your global businesses access into local payment channels and provide comprehensive customized solutions for your remittance and payment. As a company registered in Australia, Omipay Global Pty Ltd holds a license from AFS from ASIC (495025).
Secure, stable and reliable.
Omipay Global is the first Chinese payment company in Australia to obtain a payment-service-provider license, AFSL No.495025.
Monix’s core systems meet ASIC requirements, and adheres to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures.
The expenses are low. There are no hidden expenses.
We work with over 8000 banks worldwide, providing clients with the cheapest inter-bank wholesale exchange rates.
There are no hidden expenses. You can clearly see where each penny has gone during the transaction process.
Our global network.

8000+ banks
30+ electronic wallets
130,000+ withdrawal spots

It supports remittance to local bank accounts in 100+ countries.
It supports remittance to Alipay, PayPal and other wallets. And should arrive in seconds.
It supports flexible withdrawal in offline supermarkets, restaurants and other offline places.
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Create an account now and start collect and payment abroad. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your company.
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Rate alert
With the real-time alert about exchange rate fluctuations, you needn't worry about foreign exchange risks anymore.
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