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Pay overseas bills easily
It will provide 24/7 services. No more queuing at counters, complete online payment within three minutes. So it is very simple and convenient.
Exchange rate and commission charges are very low, up to 1/10th of those of conventional banks. There are no hidden charges.
Compliance reporting management service.
One-stop payment platform
With full-network coverage, it supports payment of tuition fees of 5000+ universities in the world.
Pay all your bills, it supports payment of local charges about water , electricity, gas, telephone, network, property management expenses, tickets and other bills in 60+ countries.
It supports online payment by bank card or electronic wallet.
Tracked in real-time
When the money arrived, a real-time notification email will be sent to the recipient.
When the money enters the recipient’s account, a real-time notification email will be sent to the beneficiary
It supports app online preview and local download of payment vouchers. Filing is more convenient.
You can complete cross-border payment within minutes and enjoy fast arrival.
Pay bills in minutes
Tuition fees, accommodation expenses, agency fees, life bills.
One-stop service platform
Funds tracking
Tracked the status in real-time, Should arrive within an average of 48 hours.
Notification about arrival
we'll notify you and biller when the billing was compeleted.
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