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Global accountsMonix account lets you pay and receive in 60+ foreign currencies.
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Financial services infrastructure
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Clients all over the world are demanding better digital bank experience.
Monix supports opening of global accounts of more than 60 currencies including AUD, USD, GBP, CNY, EUR and JPY for global clients and this figure is still increasing.
A bank needs innovative functions to attract new clients
A bank providing modern functions such as cross-border transfer and global money circulation can expand more rapidly.
Global expansion was complicated
Different and scattered back-end bank platforms have restricted the possibility of cross-border growth. Each market has its own laws, regulations and compliance rules, making bank expansion a complicated topic.
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Global remit
Global Remit can provide global users with convenient, secure and efficient professional remittance services. As a remittance service platform focusing on mobile internet and technological innovation, Global remit is devoted to providing users with remittance services superior to those of banks and offline institutions.
Monix helps us gain rapid access into local bank systems of many countries, empowers us to open bank accounts for users and makes it convenient for our users to make rapid cross-border collection and payment. The launch of global real-name bank accounts has increased the retention rate of clients by 17% and won their unanimous praise.
Monix’ cross-border service makes you enjoy finance without borders.
Cooperating with Monix, you can realize rapid expansion in 200+ countries.
Global account
Monix can provide a global account of 60+ currencies for free, supporting free circulation of funds in 100+ countries.
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API product
The powerful and easy-to-operate API can simplify global financial operation so that you can expand your business globally.
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Integrated payment
Flexible integrated payments with OmiPay with multiple payment methods.
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Rate alert
With the real-time alert about exchange rate fluctuations, you needn't worry about foreign exchange risks anymore.
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