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Your financial security is always our primary concern
Omipay relies on strong technical strength and high-standard compliance system, building a comprehensive security for our customer
Six measures to protect customer security
Financial compliance
AFS license number : 495025
Financial security
Work with Australian banks to supervise account funds
Financial compliance
Annual independent audit
Data security
Independent system, multiple encryption, comprehensively guarantee data security
Real time notification
Timely notification by email and SMS
Privacy protection
Triple information security
Data security
Independent system
Omipay has independently developed two sets of foreign exchange clearing systems and has a professional IT technical support team
Cyber security
Use https encrypted transmission channel and encrypted check technology
256-bit encryption of transaction information
Adopt Symantec which is the top network security company to guarantee the security of the system, and encrypt Hmar Hash for key data
Privacy protection
Protect customer information with strong encryption measures, and at the same time control information flow with strict systems and processes
User authorization
All acts of collecting and processing customer information are approved by the main body of the message
Privacy policy
Commitment to customer's related behavior to ensure customer privacy and safety
Encrypted storage
Customer information encryption and storage
Security monitoring
Monitor the entire period of customer information within the enterprise to ensure safe and compliant use
Approval authorization
All actions on customer messages are ensured through reasonable approval and authorization
Information desensitization
Customer sensitive information is desensitized for storage
Adherence to legal compliance and protect the interests of the users
Omipay Global have an Australian financial services license
Collect payments like a local in 100+ countries, with no hidden fees.
Omipay Global has passed PCI DSS certification
PCI-DSS is jointly launched by five international credit card organizations including VISA, American Express, Discovery Financial Services, JCB and MasterCard International. It is currently the most stringent and highest-level security certification standard for financial institutions in the world.