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Save more time and cost for cross-border sales.
There are more local payment options for improving the conversion rate.
The local payment can increase the retention of sellers.
Simplify the currency exchange process by paying in the supplier's preferred way.
Financial technology
A bank providing modern functions such as cross-border transfer and global money circulation can expand more rapidly.
An efficient global network.
Monix supports payments to 8000+ banks, 30+ wallets in 100+ countries.
Through intelligent routing of funds, Monix provides clients with the lowest fees and fastest transaction times.
Customised industry solutions
It can provide 20+ industries including cross-border e-commerce, internet platform, foreign trade B2B and financial technology with one-stop cross-border payment solutions.
Zero hidden expenses. You can see where every penny goes with a transaction.
Monix’s payment networks covers over 100 countries, and continually expanding to save fees for tens of thousands of users every year.
How to make a remittance?
Register Monix
Sign up with email or mobile.
Set the currency and amount for remittance.
Support 60+ currencies, the maximum remittance amount is 1 million yuan.
Select a recipient
Find recipients quickly and support remittance individuals and businesses.
Payment to complete the remittance
All payments will be automatically transferred to the recipient's bank account or Monix account.
More services
Global account
Monix can provide a global account of 60+ currencies for free, supporting free circulation of funds in 100+ countries.
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Global collection
Collect payments like a local in 100+ countries, with no hidden fees.
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Integrated payment
Flexible integrated payments with OmiPay with multiple payment methods.
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Ready to get started?
Create an account now and start collect and payment abroad. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your company.
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Rate alert
With the real-time alert about exchange rate fluctuations, you needn't worry about foreign exchange risks anymore.
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